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Wills & Funeral Planning

We know that planning your own funeral and writing a Will aren’t two of the most immediate things on your mind. After all, it is dealing with a very morbid and sad subject. We can help, and you don’t need to deal with it alone – we can provide a referral to third party specialists that can assist with this matter. From funeral costs, estate plans and funeral arrangements, through to dealing with final expenses, and other key aspects, you can get the support that you need. We know you don’t want to leave your family with a huge financial burden after you pass and we’re confident that our referral will help you.


Be sure to get in touch with our team online for more information or call 0330 118 0383 to learn more about how we can help when it comes to planning your own funeral and making a Will. We have great relationships with companies like Aviva, Royal London and Zurich. We have worked with people across Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, and York, as well as people across other parts of the UK.


Making A Will

Wills are essential if you want to make sure your money, property and other possessions (collectively known as your estate) go to the people and causes* that are dear to your heart.

Specialists from the third party service can create your Will to ensure all the necessary elements are present so people are given the right assets from you after your death. As part of the service, they may help you to draw up a list of assets and debts, work out how to divide your estate before going ahead and helping you make your Will, leaving you to focus on spending precious time with your loved ones.

making a will
what is a funeral plan?

What Is A Funeral Plan?

A funeral plan is an easy way to pre-arrange the type of funeral service that you want to have. The plan also involves figuring out payment options so your loved ones aren’t left with complicated financial arrangements after your death. These types of plans are done to get funeral services arranged, final wishes in order and to give yourself and your family peace of mind. So, when the time comes, they can focus on grieving your loss, not the financial burden.

How Do Funeral Plans Work?

Financially, funeral plans can either be funded with a lump sum or paid in instalments. The insurance policy then pays out to fund your funeral whenever that happens. The overall aim of a funeral plan is to protect a sum of money until it is needed and ensure it is used for the purpose it was intended for.


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If you’re interested in planning your own funeral, funeral planning advice, making a Will or any of our other insurance products, then be sure to get in touch with the team here at Avail Mortgages today. We operate in Sheffield, Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, and York as well as the rest of the UK, and are always happy to provide referrals to those that need advice on Wills and funeral planning.