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Over 50's Life Insurance

As you start to think about the future, you want to feel confident that your loved ones, friends and family will be protected when you pass away. The cost of funerals are rising every day, and all too often, these costs fall to your family after you’re gone, which can be a huge burden at an already difficult time.

Over 50s life insurance policies are designed with your concerns in mind, and are a way for you to make sure that your loved ones won’t be troubled financially when you pass away, be that through covering funeral costs, outstanding bills, medical costs or anything else that might crop up.


With access to policies from top insurers in the UK, Avail Mortgage Brokers can help you find a suitable Over 50’s life insurance policy for you, tailored to your needs. To learn more about Over 50’s life insurance and to find your policy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experienced brokers today. We provide help to customers looking for advice on their insurance policies in areas including Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford, York, Harrogate, and the rest of the UK, so are certain we can help you too.


What are the Benefits of Over 50s Life Insurance?

There are a couple of main benefits to life insurance for people over 50.

  1. You are guaranteed to be accepted for this kind of cover. The vast majority of over 50’s life insurance policies don’t require a health check that might make you ineligible over health concerns or your lifestyle.
  2. Over 50’s life insurance guarantees your loved ones a lump sum payout after you die. Most policies will require you to pay in for a few years before full coverage kicks in, but once you have covered this minimum period, you can rest assured that your family will have some help taking care of your affairs after you pass.
benefits of over 50's life insurance

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To find out more about the benefits of Over 50s life insurance, or to see how we can find the policy for you from leading UK insurers, contact the Avail Mortgages team on 0330 118 0383 today. We’re experienced in serving customers across the Huddersfield, Sheffield, York, Leeds, Bradford and Harrogate areas and re confident we can help you find an Over 50’s life insurance policy too.