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Working hard to be able to afford a house, moving in – either on your own or with a loved one – and making it a home, is one life’s great joys. Your home is a sanctuary from the commotion of the modern world, a place where you may one day raise children, and make an infinite amount of memories.

As much as we hope your time in your home is stress-free and plain-sailing, we here at Avail know that life is rarely either of those things for very long. Should you suffer a critical illness such as a stroke, be diagnosed with cancer, lose your job or fall on hard times, you want to have peace of mind knowing you have planned for the worst – this is where Mortgage Protection Insurance from Avail comes in.

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    Why Choose Avail?

    We’re extremely confident that we can help you find a suitable Mortgage Protection Insurance policy. We set up Avail in 2018 to create a transparent, open and impartial company, that allows customers to find policies and mortgages that work for them. What follows are just three other reasons you should choose Avail.

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    Support When You Need It

    We know that life is busy enough as it is, which is why we work around your daily routine so that choosing the right policy is an easy, stress-free process.

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    Access To Cutting-edge Tech

    Our online client portal speeds up the insurance selection process and allows you to upload and view documents any time of the day or night.

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    Local To You

    We work with clients across the north, including YorkBradfordLeeds, and Harrogate, as well as in many other areas across the UK. So no matter where you are, we can help.

    We have a range of potentially suitable policies that can ensure your mortgage payments are paid for, leaving you to focus on finding a new job or to recover from a critical illness.

    As well as Mortgage Protection Insurance, which helps with monthly payments, we also offer a range of similar policies such as Income Protection InsuranceCritical Illness Cover and Life Insurance Cover, which can help get your life back on track.

    For more information about our terms, mortgage protection insurance policies, and other life insurance policies, please fill out the contact form on this page or get in touch today on 01484 556 245.


    What Is Mortgage Protection Insurance?

    Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI) is an insurance policy, in the form of payment protection, that helps you avoid missed payments on your mortgage, regardless of whether you’re a first-time buyer, or you’ve been on the property ladder for years.

    A lot of policies will pay out for up to a year, and will help free up money for you to use on necessary household expenses, living expenses or other essential items for your children.

    Hard times, unemployment or critical illness can occur at any moment, no matter how financially secure you may think you are. And, with the monthly cost of mortgage terms accounting for around 29% of a household’s income, it is vital you think about how you would continue to pay it if something happened.

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    How Much Is Mortgage Protection Insurance?

    The cost of this specific type of Life Insurance very much depends on your circumstances – be it income, house price, current mortgage balance or house size. All these factors will depend on the monthly cost of the policy, for instance, if your house is more expensive and you have only just taken a mortgage out on it, chances are the cost of the policy might be more expensive. However, it is important to stress that each policy will be different based on your circumstances.

    It can seem confusing, but by working with Avail, we’ll lay out all the information for you so you feel comfortable selecting the right policy for you, at a monthly cost that you can afford.


    Do I Need Mortgage Protection Insurance?

    Ask yourself: “If I lost my job today or was diagnosed with a critical illness that meant I couldn’t work full time, or at all, how would I pay for my mortgage?”

    If the answer is “I couldn’t”, then you should absolutely consider this type of Life Insurance policy. Your house is very often your most expensive asset and one that, if you lost it, would see you having to move back in with loved ones.


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    For more information about Mortgage Protection Insurance, its benefits and how it can help you if the worst occurs, please get in touch with our team of experts here at Avail today.

    Our group of insurers have worked hard over their careers to develop good relationships with leading insurance providers such as AXA and Aviva, which gives them the ability to offer you a range of suitable policies. This makes us confident we can help you with Mortgage Protection Insurance or other similar products such as Family Income InsuranceEstate Planning and Family Income Insurance.

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