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Income Protection Insurance

Are you one of those people who just loves their job, and can’t wait to get to the office every morning? Do you love interacting with clients and showcasing your talents within your chosen field? Even if you’re not so crazy about your role, you know that a steady income is key to living comfortably and providing for your family. So what would you do if for whatever reason, you couldn’t work for a while? Dig into your savings? Take out a mortgage? How about claiming on your Income Protection Insurance? There to protect your salary and ensure you’re never left out of pocket, this policy can pay out if you’re unable to work due to injury or illness.


With access to leading insurers including Aviva, Royal London and Zurich, our income protection insurance brokers can help you find a suitable quote based on your requirements. To learn more and to find your insurance quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We provide help for clients in areas such as Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford, York and Harrogate, so can help you find a suitable level of cover too.


What Is Income Protection Insurance?

Income protection insurance – also known as permanent health insurance – is a policy designed to help you if you can’t work because you’re ill or injured. The policy ensures that you continue to receive a regular income until you retire or are able to return to work.

There are various types of income protection insurance, and these include:

  • Permanent Health Insurance (PHI): Protects a portion of your income – often 68% of your gross salary – in the event of an illness or an accident that means you’re unable to work. It can pay out until you reach retirement age, providing you with greater financial security.
  • Accident and Sickness Cover: Provides you with an alternative income for you to pay your monthly expenditures until you can return to work.
  • Unemployment Cover: Should you lose your job, this provides you with a steady replacement income.
  • Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) Cover: A combination of the above, in the event of illness, an accident or job loss, this allows you to protect the payments on your mortgage or rent, plus any other debts.
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When you take out Income Protection Insurance – and dependent on the policy – you can insure up to 65% of the first £15,000 of your earnings and 55% of the remainder of your earnings above £15,000 before tax, up to a maximum of £250,000 a year.

You can also choose the amount of time between you becoming incapacitated and getting your first payment from your insurer. This is known as the deferred period.

If you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness that meets our definition we’ll start making payments straight away – we won’t make you wait the deferred period.


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For income protection insurance advice and for your income protection insurance quote please get in touch with Avail Mortgages today. Serving clients in areas including Leeds, Huddersfield and York, we’ll help you find the most suitable insurance policy for you.