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Estate Planning

It’s never a particularly popular topic of conversation to discuss, but comprehensive estate planning can go a long way to giving you and your loved one’s peace of mind about your passing. In our experience here at Avail Mortgages, focusing on estate planning solutions actually gives people perspective, and allows them to focus on the people they love, knowing they are secure and will be taken care of.


Operating across the UK, in places like Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford, York and Harrogate, the team here at Avail Mortgages can provide a referral, for you, to estate planning specialists. This includes both high net worth individuals and people with regular incomes. If you are interested in getting estate planning guidance then call us on 0330 118 0383 or feel free to get in touch with the team at Avail Mortgages online today for a referral.


What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the process of managing a person’s assets in the event they die or they are incapacitated* to such an extent that they cannot make decisions for themselves. Estate financial planning is done with a group of experts like those from our third party. A key part of estate planning is working out what assets of yours will go to which people and settling estate taxes.

It also involves making a will, setting up trusts or making charitable donations in order to limit the aforementioned estate taxes, naming beneficiaries and organising your funeral.

what is estate planning?
benefits of estate planning

Benefits Of Estate Planning

  • Keeps your children out of protective services.
  • Minimises your expenses.
  • Gifts property to loved ones quickly.
  • Saves your family from having to make difficult decisions.
  • Reduces your tax burden.
  • Allows you to plan for incapacity.
  • Makes retiring easier.

Is Estate Planning The Same As A Will?

A Will focuses on events after your death. An estate plan is all about organising how you want to be looked after* if something happens. Estate planning also focuses on arranging the distribution of assets so that they have the maximum benefit to their beneficiaries.


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The team here at Avail Mortgages can put you in contact with estate planning specialists and would be delighted to help you. We operate across areas like Leeds, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Bradford, York, and Harrogate, as well as the rest of the UK. Be sure to get in touch with our team online today or on 0330 118 0383 for a referral.