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Business Protection Insurance

As a business owner, you probably already have insurance in place to help protect your premises and equipment from harm in the event of an accident or natural disaster, as well as to protect the organisation from other less tangible threats. However, one thing we see many businesses forget to insure is their most valuable asset – their team. Business protection insurance is a way for you to secure your business in case of the loss of a valued team member or owner from serious illness or death. The impact this loss can have on an organisation is something many business owners often forget to consider, which is why business protection insurance is so important. The majority of businesses, particularly small businesses, are missing the cover they need in these cases, which can be a disastrous oversight.


Business protection insurance is appropriate for businesses of all sizes, from sole traders and partnerships to much larger limited companies and LLPs. Whatever type of business you have, the team at Avail Mortgages can help you find a policy that makes sense for you, your team, your business and your plans for the future.


What is Business Protection Insurance?

Business protection insurance provides you with financial compensation to help lessen the blow of losing a valued team member or company owner. This is vital to making sure your business as a whole, including the rest of your staff, are secure and protected from any losses that might result after losing a key employee unexpectedly.

Business protection insurance can help protect your company when your team is impacted by illness or death. The impact the loss of a key employee or company owner cannot be understated, as their loss also means the loss of all their knowledge, understanding, connections and expertise, as well as all of the work they do on a daily basis.

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