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As an insurance broker in Leeds, our staff are passionate about providing a professional service to our clients to help them select from a wide range of commercial and personal policies. From the first conversation we have, be it over the phone or via email, we’ll ensure that you feel comfortable and are clear on the details and guidance that we’re providing about the quality insurance policies we have access to.

We have a history of meeting requirements for our customers and, our team’s decades of combined experience, means we have access to a network of specialist insurance products, that can help cover people for commercial insurance or personal insurance, from big companies in the financial services sector such as LV, AXA and Aviva.

Our customers appreciate the personal service, and overall approach, that we take when it comes to insurance, one that is considered, informative and friendly. Clients for Avail can expect a no-nonsense way of working that puts them at the heart of the process.

So if you’re based in Yorkshire and are looking for an insurance broker in Leeds, or the surrounding areas of York, Harrogate, Bradford or Huddersfield, that can contact big insurance companies, access specialist markets, and help local businesses and people alike, then get in touch with Avail today. We work across the UK in areas such as Bradford, Harrogate, Yorkshire and Huddersfield so why not call our staff today on 01484 556 245 or email us at [email protected].


Our Location

We love Leeds, it’s a fun, vibrant city and one that is packed with great people. So, if you ever find yourself in the area before or after going to our office, why not visit this northern powerhouse? The Arcades might be a good starting point, all undercover (protecting you from the notoriously bad weather) and packed entirely with independent shops, it’s a beautiful place to visit local * stores and stalls. In fact, our clients who look for insurance brokers in Leeds love visiting this spot for a bit of retail therapy.

If you fancy taking the weight off your feet and being transported to another world, be sure to visit Hyde Park Picture House*. Unlike your typical cinemas, this charming independent will give you an authentic movie-going experience and can provide you with a well-earned rest after chatting with us about insurance policies.

Sometimes, you can’t beat some fresh, northern air and luckily, Roundhay Park has all that in abundance*! You’re sure to lose yourself in this beautiful 700-acre haven. As well as outdoor attractions, Leeds is packed with great indoor things to see and do too, for instance, The Henry Moore Institute is a world-renowned art exhibition* and always has interesting events.

Whatever you enjoy doing, Leeds has it, it’s that simple. So once you’ve spoken with us, take the 30-minute drive into the city and get exploring!

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Insurance Policies From Avail

We offer a range of insurance policies from leading insurers such as Aviva and LV. Whatever it is you’re looking to insure, we’re confident that our Leeds insurance brokers can help you find the exact policy to match your needs thanks to their expertise and our fantastic underwriting team both of whom have great experience. What follows are some of our most popular insurance policies that we offer as a Leeds insurance company:

Income Protection Insurance

A stable income allows us to pay bills, feed our loved ones and, on the odd occasion, treat ourselves, which is why you should consider getting Income Protection Insurance. Income protection insurance ensures that should the worst happen and you lose your job, you’re protected with a policy that will pay you a lump sum to help you maintain your standard of living. Our Income Protection Insurance policy will give you peace of mind and let you focus on doing a great job at your place of work. We can help explain the different types of policies such as Income Protection Insurance with pre-existing conditions, joint Income Protection Insurance, Income Protection Insurance for the self-employed and Income Protection Insurance for contractors.

Critical Illness Cover

A critical illness can cripple you both physically, financially and, worst of all, it can happen at any time, which is why you should consider getting Critical Illness Cover. Our Critical Illness Cover will be there to protect you from the financial implications of being diagnosed with illnesses such as cancer, or if you suffer from a heart attack or stroke. Our insurance brokers will suggest to you a range of Critical Illness Insurance policies that will pay out a lump sum to help you with medical treatments or household bills. We’ll also be on hand to answer important questions such as ‘How much Critical Illness Cover Do I Need?’ and ‘What illnesses are covered by critical illness insurance?’.

Life Insurance Policy

Your family is everything to you and while thinking about your death and Life Insurance policies is not the most pleasant of topics it can give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on spending time with loved ones. Our Life Insurance cover will payout upon your death and leave behind a lump sum that can help your loved ones with bills and other outgoings such as mortgage costs. Our different types of Life Insurance policies come with helpful add-ons like cover for adverse health such as pre-existing conditions or adventurous lifestyles too, so no matter your circumstances we can help.

Home Insurance

You’ve worked hard over many years to be able to afford a home in Leeds that means the world to you and your family which is why Home and/or Building Insurance should seriously be considered. In addition, your home is a significant investment and probably the most expensive thing you’ll purchase during your lifetime, which should answer your question ‘Do I need home or contents insurance?’. Your Home Insurance policy will be bespoke to you and protect your wonderful home in Leeds from incidents such as fires, storms and floods. Our Home Insurance broker team will take a great deal of pleasure in helping you find the most suitable Home Insurance Policy for you.

Business Protection Insurance

Your Leeds business is your livelihood and while it may seem obvious to protect it from accidents or natural disasters, we find that a lot of businesses don’t consider the impact of a colleague becoming seriously ill or dying. While it is an intangible event, the impact on your business can be huge. Our Business Protection Insurance will cover you and allow you to focus on looking after your colleagues during a difficult time.

Other Insurance Policies We Offer

Everyone’s circumstances are different which is why we offer, as well as the above policies, more specific ones that you may need. From Landlord InsuranceTenants Contents Insurance and Whole Of Life Cover right the way through to Over 50’s Life Insurance and Family Income Insurance – we’re bound to have a policy for you.


Why Choose Avail?

We know that insurance isn’t the most exciting or enjoyable process to undergo which is why we endeavour to make things as stress-free and as flexible as possible. Our location has allowed us to help customers across the north since we were founded in 2018, and in that time we have ensured that, with each customer we work with, we are considerate, thorough and layout, in plain English, crucially, the policies that we have available to them.

We’re passionate about finding the right solution for you, be it an insurance policy or a mortgage, and would love to help you get this process done and dusted, so you can spend time on things that matter.

Other Reasons To Choose Avail

Why choose Avail Insurance Brokers?

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So, if you’re based in Leeds, the North in general or more local areas such as Batley, Oakwood or Shipley, then be sure to get in touch with Avail on 01484 556 245 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to learning more about how we can help you in your quest for the most suitable insurance policy.