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When life throws curveballs at you, be it an illness, job loss, or an accident that was no fault of yours, appropriate insurance coverage can help you pick up the pieces, or protect you and your loved ones from the worst. Here at Avail, we have been helping businesses, families, and individuals with various policies, including commercial insurance, and personal insurance, since we were founded back in 2018.

We know that finding the right insurance policy can be tricky, confusing, and sometimes, emotional, especially when dealing with policies that are enacted upon your passing. We understand this, which is why, from day one, we have endeavoured to provide a personal service for the people of Huddersfield town, and beyond.

Our talented team of independent insurance brokers have worked hard to create quality relationships with some of the UK’s biggest providers, such as AXA, Aviva, and LV. These kinds of connections should give you peace of mind that you’re working with an insurance broker in Yorkshire* that can offer a range of suitable policies.

As well as operating in Huddersfield town, and the surrounding areas including, Brackenhall, Taylor Hill and Scapegoat Hill, we also help clients in other areas of Yorkshire and the UK, in places such as Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and York.

Therefore, if you’re a local business owner, or just someone who is looking to purchase insurance for yourself, or your family, then we encourage you to get in touch with Avail today by phone on 01484 556 245, or email us at [email protected].


Our Location

Having lived, and worked, in Huddersfield, for so many years, we have gotten to know this famous old Yorkshire town very well. We’re proud to offer a professional service just minutes from Huddersfield town centre, and think the whole area is perfect for exploring, before, or after, your appointment with your local insurance broker here at Avail.

If you fancy walking on the wild side, why not visit Ponderosa Zoo, which is full of fantastic and exotic animals that are wonderfully looked after by the team there* – it’s a great family day out! Love the railway? Then Kirklees Light Railway is the place to go*, boasting over one thousand 4.5 star reviews on Google*, this three and a half-mile long railway, located in Kirklees metropolitan borough, is a must-visit.

History buffs will be spoilt for choice when they visit Huddersfield town, as Longley Old Hall*, Ravensknowle Park,* and the Tolson Memorial Museum* are just three of the quality, historically-interesting, attractions dotted around the area.

There is fresh air in abundance in this area of the UK, so, after chatting with us about insurance policies, grab your walking boots, and visit the tranquil Blackmoorfoot Reservoir, which has easily accessible walking paths, or, take a stroll down Britain’s longest canal tunnel, found at Standedge Tunnel*. No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to have a great day out in Huddersfield.

Sunrise over Huddersfield

Insurance Brokers In Huddersfield

We’re delighted that we can offer a wide range of insurance policies that can help secure you, your family, or your business, against many instances – such as weather events or crime. It can be hard to know what insurance policy is best for you, and though you may well know what you want to cover – be it your health, your possessions or your home – but you may not know which specific policy is best for you. Thankfully, our team has decades of combined experience and can offer up, describe, and layout, a range of policies for you to choose from.

Below, we’ll detail some of the most popular insurance products that we offer. However, before that, we thought we’d mention some more niche commercial and personal insurance policies. From Keyperson InsuranceShareholder Protection Insurance, and Tenants Contents Insurance through to Family Income Insurance, and Over 50’s Life Insurance, we have a selection of specific policies that can suit a range of individuals.

Home Insurance

Your home is the place where you raise your children, make memories, and go about living your daily life. In addition to all that, it’s also, most likely, the biggest purchase you’ll make in your life. All this, and more, is why the correct Home Insurance policy can protect those four walls from unexpected events, such as storms and floods, as well as keep you covered for criminal acts, such as theft, burglary, and vandalism.

Income Protection Insurance

For the vast majority of people, their income is their only way of being able to afford rent, bills and other items such as clothes, and without it, financial struggle wouldn’t be too far behind. We have a range of potentially suitable Income Protection Insurance packages that can give you peace of mind knowing you’ll be covered if you lose your job.

Landlord Insurance

Working hard to build your property empire shouldn’t come at the cost of errant tenants, broken appliances, and damage to your investment. We can offer you a great array of Landlord Insurance packages that can leave you to focus on growing your portfolio.

Private Medical Insurance

As brilliant as the NHS is, sometimes there is a need for more immediate, specialist treatment, which may not be readily available via the route of public health. This scenario, among others, is why Private Medical Insurance might be a suitable option for you. Our team has a good level of experience in this insurance field, and can help you with what matters most, the health of you, and your loved ones.

Life Insurance

It’s not necessarily a nice thing to think about, but getting an appropriate Life Insurance policy in place now is, in our experience, quite satisfying. Not only does it all but guarantee your loved ones a lump sum to pay for bills, mortgage payments and other expenses after your death, but it also means you can focus on spending time with them, knowing they are looked after.

Other Insurance We Offer

As well as all the policies that we have mentioned, we also offer Wills and Funeral PlanningCritical Illness CoverBusiness Protection InsuranceBusiness Loan Insurance, and Estate Planning, as part of our insurance plans.


Why Choose Avail?

Our passion to provide people with the correct insurance policy for them is limitless, and knowing that a customer feels satisfied with the policy they have chosen, as a result of our transparent, honest advice, is priceless.

Right from the minute you reach out to us, you’ll soon see that you’ve made the right choice with Avail. Our friendly advice isn’t just coming from an experienced place, but from one that is empathetic, recognises that insurance can be confusing and, to find the right policy, serious thought, and discussion, are needed. We never rush you, we’ll let you take your time, and will always be on hand with an answer.

Other Great Reasons To Choose Avail

  • Support At A Time That Suits You – Life is busy, there is no denying that. We understand that here at Avail, which is why we do our utmost to offer a service that works around your life and commitments.
  • A Range Of Appropriate, Comprehensive Policies – Those relationships with leading insurers, that we mentioned at the start, means we can put a whole host of policies on the table, such as Whole of Life Cover and Redundancy Cover, for you to consider – all of which are backed up by friendly, helpful support.
  • Leading Technology – Our client portal means you can review documents, and sign, upload, or download, forms at a time that suits you. There is no need to make constant appointments, all you have to do is enjoy the simple, streamlined process.
Why choose Avail Insurance Brokers?

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If you’re based in Huddersfield, or nearby, in areas such as Birkby, Lower Houses or Grove Place, and are after a suitable insurance policy to keep you secure, should something happen, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone on 01484 556 245 or email us at [email protected] today.